Power Rangers Space Miner

Join this amazing game as the Red power ranger and become a pro gold digger and assist him in getting a lot of gold so that he can repair the spaceship. However, in the Power Rangers Space Miner game, dig different mines and acquire diamonds and other valuable stones. Gain cash by getting crystals and diamonds out of the soil.

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    Game Controls:

    Tap for releasing the hook

    How To Play?

    It’s an online power ranger game. Play the Power Rangers Space Miner game and have a good time with your preferred power ranger superheroes. Furthermore, dig the earth using the digging machine and get all the valuable crystals and diamonds out of the soil in this amazing digging game. 

    Try to get as many diamonds and crystals out as you possibly can. There are a lot of big stones and bones of diverse animals buried in the earth. Try to keep your hook a little away from them, as they don’t earn you any points and earnings. Taking the stones is only a waste of time. Space miner online is simply accessible. So play this game right now and have fun with your preferred power ranger heroes.


    Superheroes, which actually comprise the brave and amazing Power Rangers, require living on something, offering themselves with special equipment, uniforms, and weapons. It needs lots of funds, but where to really acquire them. 

    If the superheroes can’t work, they are active in saving the entire world. But thanks to the capabilities they have, they can really organize the mining of precious minerals and metals on one of the asteroids. 

    In this Power Rangers Space Miner game, you will be assisting the Red Ranger in transforming into the gold digger. The objective is to train more gold gems and nuggets from the cosmic body bowels. Try to take bigger specimens. Dinosaur fossils are okay, too; they can be sold for a great cost in this game.