Megazord Firestorm

Another Megazord Firestorm adventure is awaiting you with the brave team from the fantastic Power Rangers. Join them and start to fight against monsters. The foes are running on the streets; put your target on them and wipe them out, but first, turn out the fires and beat Megazord. Extinguish the fires for moving to the next stage. If the fire gauge fills, your game is over. 

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    Play Megazord Firestorm Game


    Make use of your mouse for aiming at the target, spacebar for switching modes, choose the character and hit start.

    How Can You Play This Game?

    For playing MEGAZORD FIRESTORM, you have to locate the danger on the map given and click on that to switch to the Laser beam mode. It’ll wipe out the enemy right away, so you’ll not lose more time aiming at them for more than once.

    As you try to attack those infuriating bots, do all you can to put out the small fires in the nearby buildings. For doing so, press the spacebar from the keyboard for switching the Laser Beam. We don’t desire any lasers pointed at innocent people, do we? Hurry, though; the fire is spreading extremely fast, and as you already know, there’ll be no fun once the Firebar is full.

    As you move forward through the stages, everything will get more and more difficult. There’ll be more and more obstinate foes to get rid of, and they’ll fire faster at you. So be ready; the worst is yet to come.

    In addition, the fires will spread all around you in no time, making everything even more difficult. But that’s why we’ve selected a Power Ranger for the work. So buckle up and take your positions to carry out the mission. But remember, it is going to be one of the most challenging ones. If you lose the game, don’t be anxious, you can start again from the start until you finally make it.