Power Rangers Samurai: Dojo Defender

Defend the House of Shiba from frightening enemies with the Power Rangers Dojo Defender! Can you believe that even a squad of skilled and brave superheroes like the Power Rangers requires bit assistance from time to time? Now you have the chance to get involved and make a disparity!

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    The armed and dangerous Moogers have managed to locate the Rangers Dojo’s location, and they have to be stopped no matter what! Hideout in the labyrinthic yards and kill them before they manage to destroy the headquarters of yours. The faith of this powerful and iconic team relies on you!

    The Key To Success Is The Swiftness!!

    The game features a series of difficult fights that will certainly keep you on the toes. Twelve consecutive frightening waves of Mooger will menace the safety of your Power Rangers shelter. Fortunately, the only way in is through the intricate paths in gardens. Every level aims to prevent the Moogers in their paths before they reach the Dojo and destroy it irrevocably! Check on your health status by looking at the bottom of your screen. Do not overlook that this bar will not be automatically refilled after every wave! Do you really think you’re speedy enough? 

    Upgrades & Power-Ups Will Spice Up The Epic Adventure!

    You must have noticed this already, unlike other such games, you do not get to choose the character at the start of every round. It’ll just test the capability of adapting rapidly to any fighting style! Do you prefer Kevin, Jaden, Emily, Mike, or Mia? One of these will be assigned randomly to you for every stage of this epic game. Every one of them has a diverse kind of attack, as well as a variety of upgrades. However, you can switch to the other Ranger by gathering the suitable mask color throughout each level.