Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Did you hear anything about the Power Rangers? They’re a few super amazing teenagers with fantastic powers. They brawl against different evil forces, and in such new Power Rangers Ninja Storm, they have to gather a few storms for passing each of the levels.

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    Play Power Rangers Ninja Storm Game

    The things that the players have to do are very simple. Utilizing the right and left arrow keys, move from left to right and gather all the storms that come in your way. When you hit the up arrow button from the keyboard, the Power Ranger character you have chosen to play will jump.

    How Can You Play This Game?

    You’ll not be capable of unlocking a door and get to the new level if you don’t gather all the storms available in the level. Be cautious because once you go forward, the levels will turn more and more difficult. You’ll need to watch out for the shots fired that are chasing you, or the lava portion of the floors. When you hit any obstruction that can really hurt you, you’ll lose your lives, and once you come to an end with all the lives, your game will end, and you’ll need to start it over again. You just have five lives, so make certain that you make use of them the proper way, and you don’t lose. 

    In a few levels, you’ll have to climb the stairs. You can do so by simply hitting the up arrow button. You have to pass ten levels for winning this fantastic game, but be cautious because the lives don’t refill, and you’ll start the new level with the lives that you’ve left from the earlier level. Do your best to gather all the available storms without getting harmed and pass all of the game levels for becoming as strong as the Power Ranger.