Power Rangers T-Rex Runner

Power Rangers T-Rex Runner is a fun and exciting game about the power rangers. It’s reminiscent of the power rangers on the white and black screen and when you lost the internet connection.

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    Game Controls:

    You can make use of your keyboard if you decide to play this game on a computer. Or do so by tapping on your screen if you choose to play it on the mobile device. 

    How To Play?

    The dream power ranger team is leaving for yet another trip. You operate your tandem using the game controls mentioned in the below section. You will need to jump over the cacti. Or else you get deadly injuries and need to begin over. 

    At the start, it seems like a very easy task to do. But gradually, the speed is increasing. Keep up with speed and go over all the obstructions you will come across on the way. Get the max score possible, and boast your skills.


    The Gameplay is very straightforward. All you need to do is control the tandem using the controls mentioned above. You can play this game either on your mobile device or your computer. Obviously, the game controls will be different for both of these devices. Check out the above section to learn the controls. 

    In the game, you will come across many obstacles, so make sure to avoid them as much as you can. Because once you collide with them, you will get terrible injuries and will need to start the game over.

    Keep in mind that the speed of your tandem will keep increasing little by little, so be careful and try not to crash. Try to score the maximum and show everyone what you have really got. You will definitely love this game. So start the game right now and have fun!