Power Rangers Shoot Zombie

If you like playing adventure games or gun games, you ought not to miss the Power Rangers Shoot Zombie game. In this fantastic game, the Red Power Rangers are combating zombies to save the inhabitants of the city. However, the Red Power Ranger alone can’t cope with such zombies, so he requires your assistance and finishes this challenging task.

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    Game Controls:

    Touch to control

    How To Play?

    Playing this fantastic game is very simple. All you have to do is aim at your target and shoot. Your target in this game will be a huge army of zombies who aim to take over the entire planet and wipe out the human race. 

    So your objective is to stop these zombies and get rid of them. You will be using guns and grenades against them. Aim perfectly at the target so that you don’t lose any grenades. There will be twenty levels to beat in the game.


    A cheerful song will escort the red ranger in this fantastic game. In the game, the power ranger has a very challenging task of getting rid of a huge army of zombies who want to fill the whole planet Earth. But our brave hero armed himself with a heavy bazooka with a solid grenade supply. 

    There are really many of them, but you ought not to scatter right and left without aiming. Please note that the grenade doesn’t explode right away after falling, but just after a second, so it’s significant that the deadly gift really lands as near to your target as possible. 

    Make use of the ricochet and beat all 20 levels with great benefit. The zombies realize that the opponent is serious and will attempt to hide so that you don’t get to them in this awesome Power Rangers shoot Zombie game.