Power Rangers - Megaforce Never Surrender

Play Power Rangers Online: Never Surrender and prime yourself for the adventure of your lifetime together with the incredible Power Rangers squad! Now you have the unique chance to be in the center of the battleground joined by the valiant super-powered teens in the world!

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    Play Power Rangers - Megaforce Never Surrender Game

    Can you keep pace with the fast speed of the action and beat a few of the ferocious villains in the history of Power Ranger? You’ll have to think fast and learn the art of Ranger battle. Practice the skills and upgrade the character for successfully finishing this assignment! 

    Select The Partner & Defeat All Your Enemies Together:

    How good are you in the battle? Choose one of the three difficulty levels at the start of this game. It is a great idea to practice the game on Easy mode, then go on to more challenging assignments as you continue. The very first step of the epic journey is to select the favorite character from the Power Ranger squad. Remember that each one of the six available characters has diverse abilities and weapons, as well as upgrades that you can buy later. 

    It is time to beat all your foes standing between you and the frightening villains. The Gameplay is easy and intuitive. Move the character by simply hitting the arrow keys from the keyboard. You can jump by hitting the Z button. Hit the spacebar for attacking or making powerful combos by utilizing all of the above buttons. For example, you can Shoulder Bash the enemy by holding one of the arrows, then tapping the spacebar at the right time. 

    Prepare Yourself For Facing The Unexpected:

    One of the fantastic features of the game is the diversity of backgrounds and the manner you can really interact with diverse elements. The journey will take you through beaches, city streets, forests, and also the secret islands. You’ll locate multiple things that you can obliterate for scoring more points and also additional health! Are you prepared for composing and organizing the Power Ranger dream duo? Be quick and think on the feet for saving the universe from the evil powers!