Blue Ranger High Jump

Jumping is extremely significant for the blue ranger because he frequently needs to overcome different obstacles. In the Blue Ranger High Jump game, the character will run as quickly as he can, and obstructions will emerge on his way. You’ll see holes in them at diverse heights; it’s in them that you have to jump to move on.

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    Game Controls:

    Simply tap on the screen for jumping and double tap for jumping even higher.

    How To Play?

    Blue Ranger came to the East temple to relax and enjoy nature. However, he got a text that a few robotic aliens reside close to the capital town. Learning about it, the Blue Ranger began running to reach the city in this fantastic game. 

    As the blue Ranger didn’t bring any vehicle with him, he had to run to reach the city. In this game, you can also see that the jungle has cut woods put on top of one another. Such pointed woods were made to restrain the entry of foes into the temple. So, in this fantastic game, you’ll assist the Blue Ranger in crossing between such pointy woods and evade contact with them.


    The Blue ranger high jump game is a very fun game. In this game, you need to pass the different hurdles by simply jumping. The twist in this exciting game is that you need to jump very cautiously because obstacles are downward and upward.

    In this game, you need to cautiously pass through the short way to touch both sides' obstacles. The score in this game relies on how many hurdles you have passed successfully. Each hurdle provides you with one count. 

    You need to be on time and extremely balanced while passing the obstructions. Play this fantastic blue ranger game and practice jumping and avoiding all the obstacles on the way to conquering every stage and scoring the highest in the squad.