Power Rangers Devil Hunter

Now the time has come actually to take action with the Power Rangers. Here we present to you a newer addition in the Power Rangers games category called Power Rangers Devil Hunter. You will no doubt have a fantastic time playing this fantastic game.

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    Do you know how you can play this game? Let’s find out!


    First off, let’s talk about the controls:

    • Mouse: You can make use of your mouse for attacking the enemy.

    • Spacebar: To jump over the ditches that come your way, you can make use of the spacebar. 

    • V key: If you want to carry out power attacks on the monsters, then make use of the V key from your keyboard.


    In the game, the monsters have invaded the planet earth, and you will have to help the Power Rangers fight back with the demons and defeat them, so they don’t harm anybody. This description will provide all the information you will need if you don’t know how you can do so. 

    The power-ups are also available in the game; you just need to collect them as you run along. The power-ups are actually represented by the green ranger symbol. So wherever you see these symbols, just collect as many of them as you can. 

    The ranger during the game will actually run on his own; you just have to take the necessary actions for defeating as many enemies as you can. Also, avoid falling down in the pits that come your way. 

    This thrilling action game is really addictive, and you will need to be very skillful. How many monsters can you really get rid of? The only way to find this out is to play this fantastic game. So start right now and find out! Good luck and have a great day defeating the monsters!