Power Rangers Mystic Training

Select a character and begin the training in this fantastic Power Rangers Mystic Training game based on the Power Ranger, one for every Mystic Ranger. Master all 5 for unlocking the final challenge and guard Rootcore against an assault by the Hidiacs and Morticon!

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    Play Power Rangers Mystic Training Game

    Train with your Power Rangers by finishing a series of five challenges! Every challenge has two different levels from which you can pick: practice for the simple mode and then power up for the more complicated challenge mode.

    How Can You Play This Game?

    For playing this fantastic game, you don’t require anything but the mouse and your good reflexes. When you’re prepared to read all the directions, you can hit the Play button to begin. 

    • Now comes the tricky part, try to pick your preferred character or just choose them one by one until you complete the training. Let’s begin with the Electric Bolts first.

    • After choosing the Yellow Ranger as the master, the directions for his challenge will be shown on the screen. What you need to do then is relatively simple: send electric shocks towards different moving targets for frying them a bit. For doing so, hold the mouse for building up power and then simply release it for firing. But pay attention and don’t produce too much power, or you’ll obliterate the targets and eventually lose important points.

    Understood? Great! Click on play and enjoy! While you play, some new buttons will be shown around your screen. 

    • In the upper section, you’ll be capable of seeing the score so far, and to the right, you can see the Menu icon. It’ll open a list from where you can decide to do diverse things like looking over the directions again, switching on/off the music, or even returning to pick up some other training.

    When you are done with it, press resume for going back to your game or quitting if you want to end the lessons here, it’s necessary, however, to know that once your game ends, all the progress you have made so far will be lost.