Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers: The Ultimate Hero Clash 2

Get prepared for an incredibly thrilling and surprising combo with the Ultimate Hero Clash 2! You have to be acquainted with the Power Rangers, who brawl for restoring the balance of the world. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also extremely brave, and they like fighting evil!

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    Play Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers: The Ultimate Hero Clash 2 Game

    Have you ever thought who’d win in a one-on-one battle? Which series has more frightening bad characters? Now you’ve the chance to find this out first hand and become a part of such a unique confrontation! Does not it sound great?

    Get Acquainted With The Moves & Choose A Character!

    The Gameplay is very intuitive. So, no matter which side you pick to be on, you can hack straight into the fight in a matter of secs! Utilize the arrow keys for moving the character around. Double press for charging any of them towards the enemy; you can also press up for jumping, or double press it for jumping even higher. Make certain you block your foe's blows by utilizing the down arrow button. You can attack by using the Z button for punching and the X button for kicking, or the combo of the 2 to execute a spin attack. Make certain that you try even more combinations for scoring additional points and make the fight even more thrilling! 

    Are you in an oppressive condition? Then hit the spacebar for activating the special capability. However, this great function won't work unless the energy bar is completely full. You can fill it by performing as many remarkable combinations as you can! You can check on the stats by looking at the top corner of your screen. When you choose a team or your character, you’ll see that you have a lot of fantastic options! Aside from the loved and famous original characters, you can also choose the vamped-up versions, featuring incredible gear. What’s more, you can also select a villain or a side character!