Power Rangers Ninja Run

Everyone knows about the power rangers and has loved them since childhood. And why not? The power rangers have been saving our planet ever since. If you want to play as one of the power rangers, then play the Power Rangers Ninja Run game right now. 

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    Play Power Rangers Ninja Run Game

    Game Controls:

    Tap to jump

    How To Play?

    It is very easy to play this game. All you have to do is utilize the below-mentioned controls for playing the game. In this game, your objective is to help the red power ranger to save his friend who has gone missing. 

    You will come across many traps along the way, so make sure to avoid them as much as you possibly can by jumping. The traps will explode once someone comes close to them, so be careful while crossing them. So let’s start the game right now and find out what happened to the friend of the red power ranger.


    The red ranger, the leader of the Power Rangers, has one incomplete personal affair that he has to finish, and he doesn’t desire any kind of assistance from his buddies, but he’ll willingly make use of yours in this fantastic Power Rangers Ninja Run game. 

    The fact is that his ninja best buddy recently vanished. He went to the showdown with one of his foes but never came back. There’s been no news for an entire week, and it doesn’t look like a combatant who’s used to rapidly resolving all issues. 

    The Red Ranger chose to follow in his friend’s footsteps and find out his fate, as well as assist if required. Help him in the fantastic Power Rangers Ninja Run game; the path is very dangerous and long. Traps are put on the platforms that blow up if somebody is near, so be cautious.