Power Rangers Hidden Stars

Here comes another interesting game called Power Rangers Hidden Stars. This fantastic game comes with unique graphics. People from all age groups, especially kids and families, can play this amazing game.

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    It is actually a puzzle game where you will have to locate all the stars hidden inside the different images from Power Rangers. You will also get a magnifying glass so that you can see everything, even the smallest stars as well.

    How To Play?:

    • For controlling everything in the game, you will have to make use of your mouse.


    The game consists of different levels where you will locate the stars in a new and different Power Rangers picture. Try to finish each level as fast as possible. Every image will contain fifteen starts that you will have to locate for completing a level. 

    You will get fifty points with each successful click. If you click somewhere wrong, then fifteen points will be deducted. The great thing about this fantastic game is that there’s no time pressure. You can take your time and finish the levels comfortably. 

    The hidden stars in the pictures are really small; therefore, you will have to concentrate and look at the pictures very closely. Since the stars are really small, it is definitely going to be difficult to find them. So good luck and have a good time playing this game!

    You can really enter the list of top players if you do great and score more points in the game. That’s how you can show everyone how good you are at finding stars in this fantastic game. So start playing the game right now to get better. 

    Tips And Tricks:

    • The game can be played in full-screen mode. 

    • If you want to turn the sound on or off, then that can be done from the game screen.