Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Rescue individuals in distress and fight strong demons! Play as a Power Ranger and utilize the powers for good in this fantastic game called Power Rangers Dino Thunder! Meet the objectives and goals and finish dozens of small puzzles. Enter Megazord fights as opponents transform into giants.

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    This game is an action-packed game with a hint of mini-missions based around the television series Power Rangers Dino Thunder. In this fantastic game, you can easily control the Power Rangers, and the objective is to fight foes while meeting numerous diverse objectives like locating and rescuing people, beating certain types of foes, and a lot more.

    This action game is based on the twelfth iteration of the series with dinosaur Zords. Whenever Dinos frighten humankind, you can be sure that the Power Rangers will be there to protect with more than twenty levels and loads of action and puzzles.

    How To Play?

    You will only need your keyboard for playing this fantastic game. See the controller button to know the console to keyboard mapping. For instance, A on your gaming console is mapped to the Z button on the keyboard. The default key-mapping can also be changed to whatever you feel easy with.

    Default Keyboard Mapping

    Inside The Game



    Arrow keys

    A, B, L, R =

    Z, X, A, S

    Play, Select =

    Enter, Backspace


    The crazy scientist Mesagog is planning to send our world back into the dinosaurs’ age, and just the Power Rangers can prevent him. As one of such Power Rangers, you have to stop the scientist and his Tyrannodrones by utilizing the powerful Dino Zords creatures that are part machine and part dinosaur. 

    You can also switch between Zords easily during the missions and improve their capabilities with exceptional power-ups. Now, it is time to test your skills in different unique missions and mini-games in ten free-roaming worlds.