Power Rangers: Dino Charge Keepers Escape

Lend a much-required helping hand out to a guru with the Dino Charge Keeper's Escape! Let's go back in time to a crucial period in the history of the world! Keeper, an intelligent alien, is the protector of the powerful and precious Energems.

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Control: by mouse


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    Unluckily, Sledge, the frightening bounty hunter, has exposed his location and desires to steal the valuable precious from him. Keeper has boarded the ship, and he’s now undertaken a dangerous race. 

    Prepare For The Intergalactic Race You Will Never Forget!

    The game has a thrilling race, split into four stages. The objective is to evade all of the incoming obstructions until you reach a secure location for depositing the Energems. You’ll have to watch out for the meteors and the missiles of Sledge as well! Piloting a spaceship is simpler than you may think. Utilize the arrow keys for steering your ship, while hitting the space-bar for firing. Keep in mind that it is of greatest significance to shoot at as many obstructions as you can even the ship of Sledge! That’s how you will boost the score!

    However, make certain you do not make moves that just put the gems’ safety at risk! Every blow you take will harm the shield and take you closer to the end of the journey. Make certain you do not crash by regularly looking at the bar at the top corner of your screen. If you locate yourself running low, simply pick up the repair power-ups for restoring a little of your ship's health. 

    Utilize The Power-Ups For Reaching The End Of The Journey Safely!

    You’ll soon discover that the frightening bounty hunter, the outrunning Sledge, and evading all incoming asteroids is much difficult than it seems. Luckily, you can pick up useful power-ups along the way. For example, the Multishot will broaden the range and boost the number of shots you can fire at a time. Do you locate yourself a bit overwhelmed by the fast speed of this untamed ride? Then you ought to look forward to the Time Warp bonus; it’ll slow down things for a little while.