Power Rangers Jumper

Who doesn’t know about the incredible power rangers? We grew up seeing them all around us. And now is the time when we can play as one of our favorite power rangers in this fantastic game called Power Rangers Jumper.

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    Game Controls:

    All you have to do is make use of the button on-screen to control the character you are playing in this fantastic game.

    How To Play?

    Power Rangers Jumper is a fun jumping game you can play for free online anytime you want. Can you jump higher to escape the monsters you come across while playing this game? All you need to do is choose your preferred hero and jump. 

    Join your preferred power rangers in this fantastic jump and run battle game! Collect as many coins as you can so that you can be able to unlock your other favorite power rangers. You can jump, double jump, and even build the ranger team and attack your enemy!


    The Gameplay is very simple. In this game, first of all, you will have to choose your favorite power ranger that you want to play as in this game. You can make use of the control keys mentioned in the above section for jumping, moving, and leveling up. 

    You will have to gather coins while jumping so that you can unlock even more power rangers of your preference! Can you really jump in the game and survive throughout the Gameplay without falling down? 

    Make sure to time the jumps flawlessly and keep gathering coins to increase the option of unlocking other new rangers of your choice. As you progress in the game, you will have diverse experiences with cool new platforms and maps that need more attention. So brace yourself for an epic jump and run battle. And as always, have fun!