Power Rangers Megaforce: X Borg Blaster

Join the heroes as they brawl for the humankind’s safety in this fantastic game Power Rangers Super Megaforce X-Borg Blaster! In this game, you play the character of the powerful and well-known Red Ranger.

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    Play Power Rangers Megaforce: X Borg Blaster Game

    You’ll have to utilize his unique abilities and skills for defeating the frightening Prince Vekar and his treacherous X-Borgs. Be cautious: you’ll have to utilize the bullets with care and plan well to win! Are you prepared for this unique challenge that’ll certainly test your capability of planning, and even the physics knowledge! 

    Aim & Shoot For Eliminating The Enemies!

    This game features 27 exciting levels. All aim to obliterate all the existing does with the three shots you have accessible. Do you remember the well-known Angry Birds game? Then you’ll certainly grasp the idea of this game right away! Do you acquaint how to shoot? It is simpler than you think, at least in the world of Power Rangers! Touch the Ranger, and then simply pull forward for aiming the blaster. 

    Now all you have to do to show the bullet is released! Remember that you just have three shots to wipe out all of the enemies! You ought to also remember that the movement in the game is very consistent and respects particular rules. For example, keep in mind that bullets aren’t bouncy balls! They’ll just rebound twice before they vanish. Therefore, you ought not to anticipate them to get to the target without precision!


    Can You Finish All The Levels Utilizing Your Wits?

    You’ll soon find out that the easy concept of the game can become very challenging! Before you do something, glance at the scene cautiously and calculate the moves. Utilize all the elements in your background and get acquainted with how the bullet bounces and travels. It’ll prove to be very helpful in planning out the moves! Are you prepared to put the skills of yours to the ultimate test, joined by one of the most audacious superheroes’ teams? Escort the Power Rangers and fight dangerous foes by their side! You’ll certainly have a blast!