Power Rangers Dino Thunder Red Hot Rescue

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Red Hot Rescue is definitely for all the Dino lovers out there! Now, you will be able to play the game called Red Hot Rescue with the Power Rangers for saving your friend Tommy from Dr. Mercel.

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    Play Power Rangers Dino Thunder Red Hot Rescue Game

    I recommend you not to get straight into Power Rangers Dino Thunder Red Hot Rescue because even if it seems to be relatively easy, there are some things that may get you into difficulties. Click on the How to play option and have a glance.

    Useful Tricks:

    The play button will actually take you to this game, and when you reach there, look carefully at everything around you. For example, at the top of your screen are a few vital things that you ought to check while you play. 

    • For instance, the first thing you’ll see on your left is the icon for Dino Thunder Power Play, where you can learn how many attacks of this sort you’ve left to utilize.

    • Next, there are the three rangers’ icons. While you’re playing, you’ll see that the character you picked will also be highlighted in that small square. 

    • In the same spot, there’s a tiny bubble with a number on it. Those are the remaining lives for this game. Try as much as you can to not lose them because they are extremely valuable, and you’ll certainly require them later when the game gets more difficult.

    • In the upper-middle, you’ll see two short bars, one blue for the Health and one red for the Power. 

    • In the right corner, there’s a Timer that informs you how much time you’re left with until your game finishes automatically. Whenever you desire to take a little break, during your mission; hit the Pause button there and have a rest.

    Give your all for saving the missing Ranger as quickly as possible, overcome each obstruction and kick a few of those malicious guards by hitting the spacebar when you have got the chance. Always keep your eye on the time and on the levels, and you’ll certainly save your friend in no time!