Power Rangers Gates of Darkness

Help the Power Rangers locate Udonna in this awesome game called Power Rangers Gates of Darkness! It is time for them to kill all the Hidiacs and prove themselves as real heroes. This game is as complex and challenging as it can really be. Only people with nerves of steel and excellent skills can complete it successfully!

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    Play Power Rangers Gates of Darkness Game

    What you really need to do is to guide the Ranger, utilizing the arrow keys from the keyboard, through every level until you finish the mission: saving Udonna from the enemies that have kidnapped her. 

    How To Play? 

    Here you’re told what you have to do, namely to gather the gates’ keys that connect the different stages between them. Once you pick up the key, the gates will open. But don’t get tricked by the looks of it; even if the guards don’t appear dangerous, they actually are. 

    When and if they get you, you’ll lose part of your health. On the journey, gather all the crystals you can locate; they can give power to the magic wand. Without them, you’ll stay without any firepower, and you’ll certainly become an easy kill for the foes.

    If you notice any shiny circle on the ground, you can be certain that you’ve located a transformation platform. These are extremely useful when you locate yourself with a lack of energy because they’ll actually transform you into a new Ranger and fill up the health bar. It’ll certainly come in really handy!

    Oh, I almost forgot to state the Wormhole shortcuts. They actually look like holes but are a bit diverse. What’s quite neat about the Wormhole shortcuts is that they can move you from one place to another in a few seconds. 

    The only problem is that they just take you to the other wormhole, not a place you’d want to go. Anyhow it’s still a great plan of escaping a rather tense situation when you locate yourself surrounded by vicious Hidiacs. Now when you think you’re prepared, press play and jump into the game to learn what you can really locate over there.