Power Rangers Bubble Shooter

Have you ever played bubble shooting games? Surely you’re no stranger to the bubbles shooting games, but what if the power rangers shoot balls? Well, let’s not wait any longer and start playing the Power Rangers Bubble Shooter game right now.

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    Game Controls:

    Tap to shoot

    How To Play?

    The leader of the Power Rangers, the red ranger, is all of a sudden left without a team in this fantastic game. All his friends were detained by some unknown force and locked inside the different air bubbles. The walls of the bubbles seem thin to them, it’s enough to prick them, and they’ll break, but not like that. 

    In fact, the bubbles in this game are created of extremely solid material of some mysterious origin, and mechanical damage doesn’t cause them harm; not even scrapes remain. The Power Rangers, who have numerous sharp devices, still cannot get out of these bubble balls and risk suffocating. 

    But there’s a way that will break all the bubble balls. Simply collect three or more balls of identical color beside one another, and they burst right away. It’s the principle you’ll make use of in this fantastic shooting Power Rangers bubbles when shooting the balls.


    Power Rangers Bubble Shooter Puzzle is an extremely interesting match-three bubbles game with the 2D art style and addictive Gameplay. Certainly, you’re no stranger to the different bubble shooting games available online, but what if the power rangers shoot balls? In this super fun game, you can really enjoy the classic bubble puzzle game. 

    You can really keep your brain active and sharp by playing this fantastic game. It’s worth stating that this game comes with a time limit, and you have to finish the given challenge within that specified time! If the time ends before rescuing all of the power rangers, the game will be over. So be quick and save your friends.