Power Rangers Wild Force

Fight against the wicked forces as you release the wild force’s power in this fantastic action-packed game called Power Rangers Wild Force! Choose your preferred power ranger and make use of his special techniques and capabilities for completing the mission!

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    Play Power Rangers Wild Force Game

    Game Controls:

    • Movement: Arrow keys
    • Start: Enter
    • Select: Space
    • B button: X key
    • A button: Z key
    • l button: A key
    • R button: S key

    How To Play?

    Power Rangers Wild Force is a fantastic game that plays much like numerous older arcade fighting games. It begins in a 3-quarter-top-down view where you will see Org's minions dropping out of the sky, getting beat up, jumping you, and dropping power-ups. After all the foes are beaten, then you will challenge the boss who’s very hard to defeat.

    If you manage to blow the boss down, then he will become huge, and it is time for you to choose a Megazord and eliminate him in the side-view battle. Defeating the huge boss gets you the animal crystal that can permit access to diverse Megazords.


    The player in this fantastic fighting game plays as one of 6 excellent power Rangers. You can also summon the backup Rangers for added attack power during every level. The player fights against Putrids until facing the final boss in every level. After beating the boss, the boss grows to a massive size, and the player chooses the Megazord combo for fighting the huge monster in a series of fantastic Quick-time Events. 

    There will be twelve levels to play in this game. Passwords are given at the end of every level, permitting the player to resume a particular stage by simply entering the accurate password. A Battle Mode permits up to 4 players to fight against one another. Good luck!