Power Rangers Match Attack

Play the Power Rangers Match Attack game if you love solving puzzles! The powerful buddies from the Power Rangers team require your assistance to get through this difficult confrontation. Created on the same code as the wildly winning Candy Crush, this game is as entertaining and addictive! Are you prepared to soak in the upbeat music and clear up this game board? Then stop hesitating and get ready for a unique and fun challenge!

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    Use your mouse.

    How To Play?

    If you wanna do great, then learn how it really works before starting! You’re gonna have a total of 6 levels. At every level, you have to reach a certain score for passing, and you’ve got a limited amount of moves for achieving it. How do you score points? 

    Well, you click on the helmet, and then on the other helmet which is beside it, switching them between each other, for forming lines of 3 or more matching objects. The lines can be vertical or horizontal, and when you successfully make them, those things are removed, and for them, you score points. 


    The game has six exciting levels of rising difficulty. The performance will be rated utilizing the golden lightning bolts’ system. Do you remember the well-known Candy Crush game? Then you’ll certainly face no issues, as the Gameplay is extremely similar! 

    You’ll see a game board with sixty-four Power Ranger masks on the screen’s left side. Every pairing you make makes you precious points and brings you closer to the last objective. It seems simple, right?

    What makes this game entertaining and addictive is the fact that every level has a diverse objective for you to attain. It’ll be shown at the start of every stage, as well as the permanent fixture on the screen’s left. Think cautiously about the strategy! If the moves are finished before your goal is achieved, your game will be over! Wishing you good luck and a really awesome time!