Megaforce The Robo Knight Flight Fight

Wipe out the waves of hostile and dangerous aliens in the Robo Knight Flight Fight! Have you ever desired to wear a super-powered spacesuit and soar through space?Now you’ve got the chance to do all this and much more as the Robo Knight, one of the most remarkable Power Rangers in this franchise’s history!

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    Play Megaforce The Robo Knight Flight Fight Game

    Do you think you can complete such a challenging assignment? Well, there is just one way to find this out!

    Navigate Through Space As The Robo Knight!

    The game features several waves of obstructions that you have to go around successfully. The objective is to stay alive for as long as possible while navigating through the antagonistic intergalactic environment by evading diverse kinds of obstacles. Seems easy as pie, right? Its Gameplay is deceptively simple. You can control your Robo Knight by simply moving the cursor across your screen. What’s more, this incredible Ranger automatically fires the weapon! Your job is to slip between burning powerful missiles, asteroids, and the menacing UFOs. We promise that it is harder than it sounds! 

    Tricks & Tips For A Successful Space Combat!


    You’ll soon discover that just sneaking past all the dangers isn’t an effective plan to get through several waves. Luckily, this game has a few fantastic features that you can utilize. For once, utilize your left mouse button for utilizing a bomb or a sword and boost the attack power. You have to fill the energy bar first to utilize this feature. You can fill it by simply shooting and obliterating threats! 

    Obliterate the larger and more menacing targets to get helpful power-ups. They’ll supply you with the bomb, activate the invincibility for a certain time, or even boost the laser power. Make certain to keep an eye on the upper corner of your screen throughout this game! You’ll locate three symbols representing the lives. A stray meteor or a single bullet is all it takes to lose one of the lives. Therefore, you ought to pay close attention and make no room for error!