Battle Of The Worms

Each day brings a new adventure for the fantastic Power Rangers, and today they need to face a difficult mission. In the Battle of the Worms, they have to save an entire village from the dangerous worms’ attack that are threatening the people.

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    Play Battle Of The Worms Game

    It is an exciting action game that will test agility and skill. In this game, you’ll be helping the red ranger confront a lot of worms that desire to take the village. You will be riding a dragon, and you need to defeat the worms coming out of the ground. 

    How To Play?

    You have an important role to play in Battle of the Worms, and you ought to prepare for becoming a hero. For eliminating all the worms, you have to utilize the spacebar from the keyboard. It’ll make you kill the foes, and that’s how you’d get the path clean.

    In addition, utilize the right and left arrow keys for moving fast and for turning from one side to the other and choose which way actually to go. Pressing the down and up arrow buttons will assist you in getting up or low and evading the obstructions.

    On the way, you’ll locate a few invincibility amulets. If you jump over these amulets, you’ll become worm-proof for a short period. Besides, you can locate health shields. They’ll refill the health bar. When all the health is finished, the game finishes, and you’ll be capable of seeing the final score, how many enemies you’ve wiped out, but also how many people you’ve saved.

    Do your best to save the people from the dangerous worms by riding the fierce dragon. If you complete the given task successfully, you’ll become a hero to everybody, and the Power Rangers will be forever grateful to you for assisting them with such difficult tasks.